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Dr. Whitten has performed laser eye surgery, including LASIK, on many pro athletes and celebrities, including:

  • Six golf Masters Tournament champions, including Tiger Woods. We recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the surgery with Tiger!
  • Hundreds of golf professionals, such as Maryland native Fred Funk
  • Sports champions such as Olympic Figure Skater Dorothy Hamill, NFL Coach Bill Cowher and Race Car Driver Eliseo Salazar
  • Numerous celebrities, government officials and foreign dignitaries

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In The News

PGA Players Can See Clearly Now - New York Post

"Forget the shoes. It must be the eyes.

Golfers have a new adversary in the constant struggle to improve their game and master a course. His name is Dr. Mark Whitten and although you may not have heard of him, every golfer on the PGA and LPGA Tours has.

Whitten is one of the nation’s experts in laser surgery and his client list reads (clearly, of course), like a Who’s Who of golfers. Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Jesper Parnevik have all had their eyes zapped into better focus by Whitten, in his Bethesda, Md. office.”

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Eyes of the Tiger - News 24

"Trends develop quickly on tour, and when Woods validated the procedure, Lasik became the hot ticket. 

Before laser eye surgery, Woods without contact lenses could barely see past his own shadow, and Bermuda grain was easier to read than the big "E" at the top of the eye chart. "He had what I call 'counting fingers vision,'" says Whitten. "He could only count my fingers a foot from his face." 

Woods' post-Lasik vision is 20/15 without corrective lenses, and he says that the hole looks bigger and his ability to read greens has improved dramatically. Coincidence or not, Woods won the first five tour events he played after having the surgery."

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Getting LASIK: Why I’m doing it, and what I learned in the process - NBC12

Sarah Bloom from NBC12 out of Richmond talks about her experience getting LASIK with Dr. Whitten. 

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