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Patients who experience The Whitten Laser Eye Difference are always impressed with their results. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what they have to say!

Video Testimonials

Brian Mogg is a golf professional of Brian Mogg Golf Academy. He had LASIK performed at our Charlotte Hall, MD office. This video was kindly taken with his smartphone for him to share with you.

Andrew is Brian’s son and he, too, had LASIK performed to improve his distance vision. His LASIK was completed on the same day as his dad's vision correction procedure.

Additional Patient Reviews

Oh my goodness, it was AWESOME!! From the moment I made the appointment I was impressed with the staff, not only were they professional, they made you feel welcome and put you at ease with their jovial lightheartedness. I appreciated that most, as this is an exciting and stressful time. They were not persuasive in any way and the process and procedure went EXACTLY as they said it would! Kudos to Whitten Laser Eye!!” - Lori

Great experience from initial consultation to post procedure follow up. Dr Whitten was recommended by my Richmond optometrist and when we moved to St Mary’s County in October 2014, the timing was right. I wore glasses since third grade and progressive lenses since 1988 so when Dr Whitten gave me the DMV note regarding no corrective lenses or contacts required to drive, I thought I was dreaming.” - Steve Rhodes

“I wanted to write something profound but all I got is “WOW”. At age 64 having 20/15 vision is amazing. Dr. Whitten and his staff were great. The price was less than expected. Extremely happy with the experience.” - Michael Mason

“I chose Dr. Whitten because I had heard so many good things about him from others who had the surgery. Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional. I was nervous but they all made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure.- Mary Anne Bryson

“Lasik was something I had wanted for years, but was too chicken to get it. Finally my husband convinced me. I went with Dr. Whitten because a few of my friends had it with him and loved it. The procedure was harmless and I was out within 20 mins. Other than dry eyes (which is normal) I couldn’t be happier, bye bye glasses…hello sunglasses! Thanks for everything.” - Michele Rice

“I heard about Dr Whitten when my wife was referred to him for another corrective procedure. We were both impressed with the courteous staff and patient care. After a consult I chose LASIK. I am now one month post surgery and am very happy with the results. No more contacts! Not even reading glasses, for now.- Michael B

“I had the best experience. When searching for a surgeon, I had people from every part of my life suggest Dr. Whitten, (family, friends, aquaintences) and now I know why. Everyone in the office was so nice and so caring. They made you feel comfortable. During surgery Dr. Whitten talks you through everything to let you know what you should be seeing and feeling, this was really helpful in making me feel like everything was going the way it should be going. Now I see better than ever - literally - I see 20-15. Thank you Whitten Laser Eye for everything.” - Jimmy Mavrikes 

“I chose Dr. Whitten because of his reputation and other patient's success stories. Of course I was nervous but I was blown away by how easy the whole experience was. Dr. Whitten and his staff are some of the most professional people I’ve encountered in Southern Maryland and that goes a long way with me. I love my new vision and have had absolutely no problems other than a few days of dry eyes after the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Whitten to anyone! Thank you!” - Amy Cricchi

“I choose Dr. Whitten because of his excellent reputation. I was literally scared about getting the Lasik procedure done. Dr. Whitten’s entire staff made me feel at ease. I feel amazing! I can see so many things now that I couldn’t see before even with glasses. And what a great feeling it is not to have to wear glasses every second of the day! nIf I was offered a million dollars to turn back time and not have the procedure done, sorry… my new vision is priceless!” - Nonnie Quade

When I met Dr. Whitten I was impressed with his demeanor & self confidence, which made me feel comfortable & trusting towards him. He devised a plan to improve my vision over several months that culminated with Lasik surgery …..very successful surgery!” - Don Wares

“Dr. Whitten is a true professional! I was nervous about the entire procedure, but he uses some excellent tools before he ever performs the surgery. First, he does a physical inspection of your eye, then he uses a machine that maps the eyeball and gives him an indication whether your a candidate for surgery. I was pretty bad at a -8 in my right eye and a -6 in my left. Everything about the surgery went great and the tools used beforehand helped calm me down. Today I see 20/20! I can’t describe how nice it is to not have to wear glasses. Thanks Dr. Whitten and staff!” - Richard James Gauldin

“The experience was absolutely perfect. The part that sticks out to me from my time at Whitten was the staff. Each person was extremely nice, accommodating, and knowledgeable. It really helped keep me at ease the entire time and made the experience perfect. They even took care of my girlfriend who got nervous during my procedure. They were simply fantastic.” - Worth Bugg

“Dr. Whitten was knowledgeable, personable, and professional. I have had an excellent recovery period and wish I would have had laser correction sooner. Dr. Whitten’s TLC website was informative and the ease in setting up a free consultation (and choosing my own time) was a big factor.” - Jessica F.

“Every level of contact from receptionist to Dr. Whitten was professional, caring and amazingly simple. The results have been life changing.- Patty Kuzmick

“My procedure was very good with very little discomfort. I have good long distance vision now without the need for glasses.- Matt Hartman

“My laser vision correction experience couldn’t be any better. Dr. Whitten is a close family friend and so choosing him was the obvious choice. I trust his expertise. My surgery went very smoothly. In less than half of an hour, I was out the door. It took a few days to recover, but when my eyes did, I could see better than when I had glasses on before the surgery. I am more than very happy with how the whole experience went.- Connor O'Brien

“I had a PRK procedure performed by Dr. Whitten. I’ve had severe astigmatism my whole life and couldn’t see anything without corrective lenses. After the procedure, I can see perfectly without glasses or contacts. Dr. Whitten and his staff were extremely professional and friendly through every step of the process–from initial consultation through the procedure and follow up. Dr. Whitten took the time to speak with me and answer every question I had along the way. My only regret is that I didn’t call Dr. Whitten sooner!- Rourke O'Brien

“After a friend of mine told me of his experience of LASIK surgery with Dr. Whitten and me being told by my eye doctors for several years that I was not a good candidate for the surgery because of astigmatism problems with my eyes I decided it couldn’t hurt to get his opinion. After testing and measuring he told me that I was indeed a good candidate and it was a go from there. After needing glasses for everything from the age of ten, it is such a treat to be able to see clearly only needing the aid of cheap reader glasses for up close reading. I can finally buy sunglasses that I like without needing a prescription. Only wish I found out about Dr. Whitten sooner!” - John Keenan

“It is wonderful not to have to any restrictions on my Drivers license. I am over 50 and it’s the first time I can see better than when I had glasses.- Ronald (Bill) McKenzie

“I choose Dr. Whitten because of his reputation. Dr. Whitten patiently answered all of my questions. His proximity to my home in Leonardtown, coupled with the consideration he generously gave to Navy employees on the cost, were bonuses I could not pass-up. I shared how pleased I was with my coworkers and two of them had the surgery shortly after I did. A third coworker consulted with Dr. Whitten, but was unfortunately not a candidate, which shows how careful and selective he is. Two years later I’m still regarding LASIK as one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It is life changing and worth the investment!- Jana Wiener

“I was severely nearsighted and thought about LASIK for years. When I finally decided to do it, Dr. Whitten was the ONLY surgeon I considered due to his vast knowledge and experience. I figured, if Tiger Woods and Fred Funk trusted him with their eyesight, so could I. When I was 7 years old, the only thing I could read on the eye chart was the big”E” at the top. Until I got LASIK with Dr. Whitten, I wore glasses or contacts every waking hour. Now I see 20-20. It truly was a life-changing experience for me. Many thanks to Dr. Whitten, John, and the rest of the terrific staff at Whitten Laser Eye.” - Tami O'Brien

Having LASIK done was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Whitten and his entire staff made my decision an easy one and I would highly recommend Dr. Whitten to anyone who is looking to have the procedure done. Thank you. so much, for my new found freedom (no more glasses!!!) I’m enjoying the Harley rides so much more now!!” - Amy Deane

I chose Dr. Whitten due to the close proximity and especially his reputation. Viewing all the photos in his office of celebrities whom he has performed the laser eye surgery was very impressive to me. The actual procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. It’s quick and painless, just a little pressure on each eye and you’re done! I highly recommend Dr. Whitten and his dedicated staff for your laser eye surgery." - Natalie Tallman

Dr. Whitten was phenomenal! I could not have asked for a better experience. From the pre-op appointments, through the actual procedure to the post-op visits, the experience was perfect. Dr. Whitten never made me feel rushed or made me feel like I was asking a”stupid” question. He took his time and walked me through the entire process…He truly cares about his patients. I tell everyone about Dr. Whitten and the great work he does and I highly recommend him.” - Colleen McClanahan

I chose Dr. Whitten because… it’s your eyes, man! I found better prices and closer Lasik providers but I didn’t want to take a chance. A friend recomended him and told me of his famous clients who could afford to go to any doctor of their choice and they chose him.” - Omar El Dieahy

“As a surgeon, I was concerned about how any complications would impact my ability to work. I was anxious until I met Dr. Whitten. He is the consummate professional and the surgeons’ surgeon. He is competent, compassionate and caring; a trifecta you don’t see in the practice of medicine today. My partner, Dr. Marc S. Rickford had the procedure and raved about how his life changed in the manner of hours. He was able to see the numbers on his pager without using any visual assist.” - Dr. Vikisha Fripp

“I’m so glad I decided to have laser surgery and so glad I chose Dr. Whitten. I chose Dr. Whitten because of his outstanding reputation, the price, and the convenient location. It was an outstanding experience. Dr. Whitten and the staff were all very knowledgeable, answered all my questions and provided prombt and professional service. They immediately made me confident that I was making the right decision. The whole process was very organized and quick. I went in the office with a 20/1000 vision and by the next day, I had 20/15 eye sight. It was remarkable to wake up and be able to see the small clock across the room. I had my surgery 2 years ago and since has recommended Dr. Whitten to 10 of my friends. I wish I had the surgery sooner. Excellent Dr. Thank you!” - Judy Harrison

“When traveling more after my husband retired, he would say”did you see that!” and I would have to say ”NO”. That is when I decided I needed to get LASIK. I would not miss anything else because I could not see anything further than, what seemed like, 50 feet in front of me. I now enjoy traveling more as I can see what is happening.- Sandi Albert

“Dr. Whitten is my father, and I knew as a parent that he would not perform surgery on his child if he did not think himself to be fully capable and the best. I knew he was the best and would have trusted no one else. He has been a part of LASIK surgery since the beginning- helping to pioneer the process. Whitten Laser Eye gave me all of the information I needed to help me feel calm and knowledgeable about the procedure. I never wondered what would happen next. Dr. Whitten also spoke calmly the entire time, telling me what he was doing next and what I could expect to see and feel. This was the BEST choice I have made in my life and would do it 10 times over if I had to. I can now go to sleep when I’m tired and not have to re-wake myself to take out my contacts." - Bayla Whitten

I chose Whitten Laser Eye because I would not trust my eyes to anyone but the best! Dr. Whitten is a pioneer in the field with an excellent reputation. I knew that he performed hundreds (maybe more) of successful procedures and that sport celebrities trusted their eyes to Whitten Laser Eye. They took the time, both before and after my procedure, to answer my questions and to put me at ease. Because of the value they place on their patients, I knew what to expect all the way through the entire experience. I couldn’t have hoped for better bedside manner and such great results.” - Patrick Murphy

“Dr. Whitten has done a lot of successful eye surgery, and has a good reputation as a personable M.D. His confidence throughout the experience helped assure me that this was the right thing to do. Because of this surgery, I only need to use reading glasses for small, printed material. Otherwise, I do not need any type of external corrective eye care. This procedure has left me free to enjoy any and all types of activities with perfect vision. Now, I enjoy all types of sports in any kind of weather with no more fogged up glasses. Distance viewing of nature, wildlife, and sporting events has become more clear and less distorted. It is easier to use field glasses, spotting scopes and cameras. Driving a car on long trips creates less eye strain, especially at night. There is less glare to deal with since there are no corrective eye lenses needed. Peripheral vision has improved enhancing that safety factor while driving. I do not know why I didn’t have this done earlier.” - Mallory Austin

“Through my research, I found Dr. Whitten to be the most experienced professional eye surgeon. In 1997, I could see the big "E" on the eye chart. After a quick, painless surgery by Dr. Whitten, I achieved 20/20 vision. Thirteen years later, I still maintain that perfect vision! I am enjoying life in general as I’m able to see clearly. My eyes are not tired anymore. I enjoy golf, fishing and driving more. The ability to get rid of my contact lenses (especially during allergy season) was definitely a bonus!” - John Lyberger

I wanted the best! If Tiger Woods and other athletes trusted Dr. Whitten, I knew I could. It tremendously corrected my distance vision and with monovision correction I can read without reading glasses. There’s no more hassle with contact lenses and glasses and no more irritated eyes from contact lenses. I’m enjoying golf, yoga and walking more since I’ve had LASIK. It was great through pre- and post-op care. The procedure was incredibly fast, and I was driving the next day.” - Lucy Barbour

“When my eyes started going bad, I did not have to look far for the perfect eye surgeon. My husband had surgery with Dr. Whitten 13 years ago, and his eye sight is still 20/20. Doc has the experience along with professionalism to make my decision an easy one. I have the freedom to see without glasses! Before, my eyes would be tired and strained by the end of the day. Driving was difficult and now it’s a breeze! I also enjoy golf and reading more. I would highly recommend Dr. Whitten!- Darcy Lyberger

“My Dad’s the BEST! Everyone was amazing from start to finish. I was very nervous, and everyone who works with Dr. Whitten is not only calm, but incredibly attentive and caring. I have to say, I was really impressed with my Dad. He was so calm from the moment I walked into the building - and he was going to do surgery on his DAUGHTER!?! As I laid down for the procedure, he verbally walked me through moment to moment and was so encouraging at the same time. All I had to do was lie there, but when I got up, I left feeling like I had done good work. Go Dad! And everyone at Whitten Laser Eye! I can do anything without glasses or contacts, including acting! I enjoy acting, watching movies and driving more now. It has been five years since I had the surgery, and my eyesight is STILL perfect!- Erin Lena Hart

“I chose Whitten Laser Eye as I am a friend of Dr. Whitten’s daughter, Bayla, giving me complete confidence in the procedure. They corrected my eyesight whilst making me feel at ease and completely reassured throughout the procedure and during the aftercare. I am very much enjoying not having to wear contact lenses every day. I went traveling after the surgery without the worry of dust from the desert getting in my contacts or having to put my contacts in and out on overnight flights and train journeys. I hope to do more of this in the future. I also enjoy swimming more without the worry of getting water on my lenses. I am very grateful to Dr. Whitten for everything he has done for me. Thank you.” - Jennifer Allan

“Dr. Whitten performed LASIK procedures on several of my friends and my mother. All, including myself, had an amazing experience. I was extremely anxious going into the procedure, but Dr. Whitten made it seem like a walk in the park. For the first time in my life I have 20/20 vision. Simple experiences, such as being able to see the clock in the middle of the night, changed my entire life’s perspective. The greatest benefit is that I am no longer slowed down by the constant maintenance of glasses and contacts. I will enjoy riding roller coasters, fitness activities and nights out with my friends more now.” - Dion Wilkins

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for my LASIK surgery performed in 2003. Being in the military requires me to work in all types of environments. I recently spent time in Afghanistan, where the weather was hot and the environment was very sandy. Through those harsh conditions, I never experienced any problems relating to my vision. In fact, I was able to focus more clearly on the task at hand, since I didn’t have to worry about it. I am very pleased with my vision and with the care and professionalism the doctors and staff of Whitten Laser Eye has provided me.- Second Lieutenant Lawrence W. Gazes

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