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Whitten Laser Eye is one of only a few eye centers in the region to offer the LipiScan & LipiFlow system for the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

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LipiScan for Diagnosis of Dry Eye

LipiScan technology has revolutionized the diagnosis of dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. It is the only diagnostic device that allows direct visualization of affected glands in high definition. LipiScan enables us to:

  • Accurately diagnose patients with dry eye due to MGD.
  • Make the right treatment recommendations.
  • Monitor treatment success.

LipiScan is easy and comfortable to perform in our office. We review and discuss the results with you and can show you the dysfunctional glands.


LipiFlow Treatment for Dry Eye

LipiFlow is an FDA approved “dropless” treatment for dry eye and, in many of our patients, avoids the inconvenience of daily eye drops.

LipiFlow directly treats the meibomian glands by using a combination of gentle massage and heat to improve the quality of the meibomian gland secretions. The treatment is painlessly performed in the office and can be repeated if needed. It does not require any medications and is a safe and comfortable 12-minute procedure.


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