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Whitten Laser Eye - Clear Vision Spotlight

September 28, 2016

Real Patients - Real Stories About Vision Correction

A patient’s journey through having LASIK Laser Vision and the Latest advancement in eye care technology, the KAMRA Inlay.

graham22_132039I have actually had my eyes “done” twice. Back in November 2001 (age 45) I had Dr. Whitten do the LASIK procedure on both eyes. Finally, after years of wearing contacts and glasses, viola! Wake up in the morning, I can see; drive at night or in the rain, I can see. Fast forward 15 years. The good news is I outlived the LASIK procedure. The not so good news is now, I’m 60 and while my distance and night vision are still excellent, near vision, not so much. The great news is I am living through the technology that is the KAMRA Inlay lens. I was Doctor Whitten’s second KAMRA Inlay patient, how is that for complete confidence in the doctor, the procedure, and the lens?

Of course, I did my research on the lens and the procedure as well as the long term experiences of patients in other countries who had the KAMRA Inlay. But there was never any question in my mind about the doctor and his staff. The staff is incredible! Caring, informative, professional and dedicated, not sure you could ask for anything more in a medical environment. If you wear glasses or contacts, for any reason, and you no longer want to, call Dr. Whitten and make an appointment today!


Thank you Carol for your kind words and trust in Dr. Whitten. It is important to note that LASIK corrects eye disorders including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However as we age another eye condition may occur called presbyopia. This occurs as the eye lens loses elasticity and this makes it harder to focus at a close range. Many will turn to over-the counter-reading glasses, but now there is a treatment with the KAMRA Inlay. We are so pleased to offer our patients clear vision at near, far and intermediate distances!