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June 1, 2018

NBC Sports Washington as we #RockTheRed and cheer for the Washington Caps during their quest for the Stanley Cup.  As a long time fans, NBC Sports Washington and Whitten Laser Eye are #ALLCAPS!
As native Washingtonians, Drs. Mark Whitten and Shilpa Rose are die hard CAPS fans.  Both ophthalmologists started their careers in the D.C. area.

Whitten Laser Eye will be partnering with NBC Sports Washington digital segments "What We Saw" and "Looking Ahead" segments.

Here are some fun facts about the Washington Caps and what to "look" for:

1st Win Franchise History

This is the second time we have progressed to the Stanley Cup finals since the franchise inception in 1974.

With Wednesday night's win, the Caps marked their first Stanley Cup finals win in the history of the team.  While this is our second Stanley Cup finals appearance since 1998, the CAPS were swept in that last series.
For the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals make sure to follow our friends NBC Sports Washington @NBCSWashington where we at Whitten Laser Eye have partnered up to give you a CLEAR VIEW of the rest of the series!  And just like them, we're #ALLCAPS!


Imagine Dragons, Sting and Pat Sajak

There's more to this Stanley Cup Final than just the competion on the ice.  Game 2 featured Imagine Dragons for the musical pregame celebration in Las Vegas.

Washington is responding with Sting and Shaggy for Games and Fall Out Boy for Game 4.  Both concerts are free and will be located outside the National Portrait Gallery on G street.

As Mike Buffer ("Let's get ready to rumble!) announced line ups in Las Vegas, Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune) will be announcing the lineup for at least Game 3.

Stanley Cup Trophy

Did you know?

  • The actual Stanley (Lord Stanley of Preston) Cup was first awarded in 1892
  • Professional teams were allowed to compete for the Stanley Cup in 1906
  • The Montreal Canadiens have won 24 times, most in NHL
  • Detroit has won 11 times, most U.S. based NHL teams
  • The Stanley Cup is the only professional trophy which inscribes the name of each player on the championship team
  • Inscriptions are made on one of five bands which are part of the trophy, as a band gets full, the oldest band is removed and placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Each band has room for 13 teams.

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