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Mark Whitten MD Walks the Walk | How LASIK Improves Golf Game

September 3, 2017

I had LASIK myself and I know firsthand how it can enhance and improve your golf game.  Being on the golf course is a completely different experience when you don't have to wear glasses or contact lenses.  It's more than just being "glasses or contact lens free."  The whole visual experience and ability to play golf is better.

I never imagined that my eyes could feel so free until I had LASIK and I had no idea how bad my eyes felt wearing contact lenses until I got rid of them.  

Not only did my eyes feel better, but I could see better to putt.  LASIK is not going to change your swing, but LASIK can really improve your putting game.

Vision Improves Golf

Perhaps the biggest discovery was that I could see the greens, read the grain and breaks better than ever before after having my LASIK.

It was suddenly much easier to see and read the break when putting.  I could now see the subtle slopes along the path of my putts and could gauge my putting more accurately.

I was also better able to see the grain of the green by being able to see which direction the grass was growing.  Being able to see the grain is key to putting.  Putts made downgrain are faster than into the grain (downgrain is the same direction the grass is growing).  Grain has a huge effect on where you have to aim your putt.  

Play Better After LASIK

Most of my patients, including the high profile pros such as Tiger Woods, experience their best rounds shortly after having LASIK.  I believe Tiger won six straight tournaments after having his LASIK.  He once told me that the cup seemed twice as big after he had his vision correction.

LASIK has been a real improvement for me and many of my patients who love golf.  I never knew what I was "missing" until I had it done.  

I look forward to meeting you.

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Shilpa Rose, M.D.
Vision Correction & Dry Eye Specialist

Mark Whitten, M.D.
Vision Correction Surgeon
LASIK, Cataract & Raindrop

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