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KAMRA Corneal Inlay | Treatment for Presbyopia

February 28, 2018

KAMRA Corneal Inlay Treats Near Vision Loss due to PresbyopiaThe KAMRA corneal inlay is a procedure to correct near vision loss due to presbyopia.  We are proud to offer the KAMRA Inlay and were the first medical center to offer this procedure to our patients in Chevy Chase, Richmond and Charlotte Hall.

What is the KAMRA Inlay?

The KAMRA Inlay is an FDA approved procedure to improve near vision in certain patients with presbyopia

"Presbyopia" is a naturally occurring event, that is, it occurs in everyone as we get older. Presbyopia usually occurs between the ages of 35-45 years and is often noticed with difficulty reading at your usual distance. The typical remedy for presbyopia is reading glasses.

The KAMRA Inlay is ideal for active individuals who want less dependence upon reading glasses or contact lenses for their everyday activities. Advantages of the KAMRA Inlay:

  • Restores your reading vision to allow you to read text messages, computer screens and menus without the frustration and nuisance of reading glasses
  • Creates a natural range (from near to far distance) of vision without blurry zones
  • Offers a long-term solution that may help you experience clear vision over time

Watch this video to learn more about the KAMRA Inlay and how it may help you reduce your need for reading glasses.

How Does the KAMRA® Inlay Work?

The KAMRA Inlay is smaller and thinner than a contact lens (see below). It is placed within the layers of the cornea. The small "pinhole" in the center allows only clear, focused light to enter your eye. Blurry light rays are blocked.

The inlay is placed only in one eye. The other eye, the non-KAMRA is not touched. Together, you are able to see near to far.

KAMRA Corneal Inlay | Treatment for Near Vision Loss | Whitten Laser Eye






If have questions about the KAMRA corneal inlay or other treatments for near vision loss due to presbyopia, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rose or Dr. Whitten at any of our locations, please call or email us!

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