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Going Back to School? Here are 5 Reasons Why LASIK Will Help You Stay on Your “A” Game

September 28, 2016

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? If you are going back to school or are already back, you probably know all the hassles that glasses and contacts can bring. If you have considered LASIK now is a great time to get the clear vision to enhance your time in and out of class!

Long Hours Studying

Hitting the books after a long day of class can be tiresome for your eyes. To get the grade, students need to spend hours reading text books, researching online, writing papers, etc. This can make your eyes very tired and uncomfortable. Contact lens wearers may experience dry, sensitive and itchy eyes that can become very distracting from the task at hand. Class and the amount of work given is stressful enough, without worrying about your eyes.

Eye fatigue is a very common complaint of college students who wear glasses and/or contact lenses. Now is the perfect time to consider LASIK laser vision correction to eliminate this concern and let college students focus on what is really important...their studies!

Dorm Life

Living in a dorm can be a great time, but you have to deal with rather tight spaces, sharing bathrooms, and this can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Eye infections are very common for contact lens wearers who do not properly clean and maintain their contact lenses. Having an eye infection far from home and far from your regular eye doctor can be stressful. LASIK will let you ditch the contact lenses and all their hassles and practically eliminate any concern of eye infections due to dorm life.

Saves Money

How much do you spend a year on trendy glasses and/or contact lenses and solutions? Now multiply that by 20…This is how much you will spend from now until you are 40 or so. That is if prices do not increase (which they will). One investment now for LASIK will save you thousands over your lifetime. The sooner you get LASIK, the more you will save over a lifetime. Having LASIK now will give you clear vision far beyond the age of 40. Consider the trendy sunglasses you can afford with the savings!

Lost Glasses or Contacts Far From Home = Problems

What happens if you leave your glasses at the library or lose your contact lenses? This could be a major problem for a busy student who must be able to see at class. Ordering contact lenses online is handy, but they still take time to get to your door. Glasses on the other hand may take even longer if you have trouble obtaining your prescription and they need to be special ordered. Save yourself the hassles and have LASIK!

Enjoy Life and All its Events, Glasses Free!

  • Go to the beach for spring break without the hassles of contact lenses and glasses.
  • See your alarm clock in the morning clearly.
  • Enjoy the university sports games with clear vision!

How to Get Started!

The first step is to select an experienced and trusted LASIK surgeon. Dr. Mark Whitten was one of the very first surgeons to perform LASIK in the United States, has over 30 years experience in ophthalmology and has performed over 150,000 laser vision correction procedures. Dr. Whitten takes great pride in offering the people of the Charlotte Hall, Richmond, Virginia and Washington DC areas the latest technology available when it comes to LASIK. The best place to start is at a FREE LASIK Consultation. There is never any pressure to come in and find out if you are a candidate for LASIK and learn more about this technology that can give your clear vision!

Click here to schedule your no obligation Free LASIK Consultation Today

Did you know…You can have LASIK today and be ready for class tomorrow…seeing clearly? There is no need to wait any longer!