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Evaluating the Benefits of a Vision Correction Procedure like EVO ICL

June 20, 2024

Do you want better vision without relying on visual aids when you wake up? Many people are tired of the hassle of wearing glasses or contact lenses and are looking for a vision correction solution.

However, not everyone is a good candidate for procedures like LASIK or PRK. If you've found out these procedures aren't a good fit for you, another solution called the EVO ICL may be the vision solution you've been searching for.

It can give you clear, crisp vision and an improved quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about the EVO ICL and to evaluate the benefits of a vision correction procedure like EVO ICL!

What is the EVO ICL?

The EVO ICL is a state-of-the-art groundbreaking procedure for vision correction that corrects nearsightedness and mild astigmatism. EVO ICL is an additive lens implanted in your eye to help improve your vision.

More than one million patients worldwide have used the EVO ICL, freeing them from relying on glasses and contact lenses. Unlike procedures like LASIK, EVO ICL is not permanent, meaning you can remove it anytime.

It also provides UV filtering to protect your eyes from the sun's rays, although you should still wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection after having it implanted in your eye.

How Does the EVO ICL Work?

Unlike LASIK, which requires some removal of corneal tissue, the EVO ICL is biocompatible and works with the natural eye. Because the EVO ICL is biocompatible, it's incredibly well-suited for patients with dry eyes or those who cannot have procedures like LASIK due to thin corneas.

The EVO ICL is made of soft, pliable material, making it gentle to the eye. Once the EVO ICL is implanted in your eye, nobody else needs to know it's there except for you. It's virtually invisible, and you won't be able to feel it.

During the procedure, your surgeon at Whitten Laser Eye will place the EVO ICL behind the eye's iris and in front of your natural lens. Most patients notice almost instant visual improvements after the EVO ICL is implanted while noting their vision is sharper, clearer, and more vibrant than when they had glasses or contact lenses.

Why is the EVO ICL a Good Option for Correcting Vision?

There are many benefits to choosing the EVO ICL. The EVO ICL is a fast procedure that only takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

It also has a quick recovery, allowing you to return to the things you love while enjoying them with exceptional visual acuity and clarity. Because EVO ICL is an outpatient procedure, you can go home once it's over.

Almost 99% of patients have reported high satisfaction rates with the procedure. Another advantage is that EVO ICL does not cause dry eyes or contribute to dry eye syndrome.

Instead, it provides crisp, clear vision in dim or bright light and works with the natural chemistry of the eye. In addition, the EVO ICL is the only vision correction procedure that's both removable and reversible.

No other vision correction procedure can offer this to patients, as when it comes to things like LASIK, the procedure works because it removes tissue from the cornea to correct refractive errors. However, the EVO ICL is an additive lens, meaning it does not remove any tissue from the cornea or anywhere in the eye to improve your vision.

What Can I Expect During the EVO ICL Procedure?

On the day of the procedure at Whitten Laser Eye, your surgeon will use drops to anesthetize your eyes and dilate your pupils. During the short procedure, they will make a small opening at the base of your cornea to insert the EVO ICL.

Before finishing, your surgeon will adjust your new EVO ICL lens to ensure it is appropriately positioned in each eye. You will need to arrange a ride home after the procedure and use prescribed eye drops to aid in healing.

Although you won't be able to see the EVO ICL, you'll notice the difference in your vision immediately. After getting the EVO ICL, most patients no longer need to rely on visual aids.

Instead, you'll finally be able to achieve visual freedom. Do you want to enjoy a 3D movie without worrying about glasses getting in your way?

The EVO ICL can give you the kind of incredible vision you once only dreamed was possible but is now your reality every time you wake up. As a one-time procedure, the EVO ICL also provides peace of mind since you know you'll enjoy improved vision for the rest of your life.

However, you can have it removed from your eye and replaced during a procedure like cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange. This choice ensures you can always have the best vision correction option, even if your prescription requires something beyond the EVO ICL as you age.

Learn More About the EVO ICL

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How Do You Know If You're a Good Candidate for the EVO ICL?

Before deciding if you're a good candidate for the EVO ICL, the qualified team at Whitten Laser Eye will have you come in for a consultation. During your consultation, we will evaluate your vision, take your medical history, and review your options.

Patients who received the EVO ICL reported improved vision almost immediately. You may be a good candidate for the EVO ICL if:

  • You're nearsighted
  • You have some astigmatism
  • You have realistic expectations about what the EVO ICL can achieve for your vision
  • You're not currently pregnant or nursing
  • You have a stable prescription that's remained unchanged for a year or more
  • You do not have a narrow angle at the front chamber of your eyes because it would be too difficult to fit the EVO ICL

If you think you could be a good candidate for the EVO ICL, take the next step by scheduling your appointment at Whitten Laser Eye in Charlotte Hall, MD! What do you have to lose, except the potential to no longer rely on visual aids?