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8 Activities You'll Love More After LASIK

May 10, 2024

Do you struggle to enjoy your favorite activities because of your vision? Are you tired of foggy glasses and contact lenses that seem to get in your way no matter what you do?

Wearing visual aids may impact your ability to enjoy hobbies and downtime. Glasses can get foggy, and contact lenses can leave your eyes feeling dry or irritated, especially if you wear them longer than anticipated.

Refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can make it harder to do everything from driving to cooking to hiking. Plus, some activities and pastimes are uncomfortable or almost impossible while wearing glasses or contacts.

How can you improve your quality of life and enjoy your favorite activities more? LASIK is a popular and effective vision correction procedure that helps improve your vision so you no longer have to depend on visual aids.

Keep reading to learn about 8 activities you'll love more after LASIK!

What You Need To Know About LASIK and How it Works

Before undergoing a procedure like LASIK, knowing what the procedure is and how it can improve your vision is crucial. LASIK is a refractive laser eye procedure that reshapes the cornea to improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

The cornea is the transparent layer of the eye. It's the outermost layer and is dome-shaped. The cornea helps protect your eye and bends light back to the retina. When the cornea is misshapen, it can't bend light as it should, leading to blurry vision.

Your LASIK surgeon at Whitten Laser Eye will use a femtosecond laser to reshape your cornea so that it refracts light correctly, making LASIK a refractive procedure. One of the things that makes LASIK such a popular procedure is it corrects your vision beyond your original prescription.

It's no accident that most LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after the procedure. Getting LASIK means you can see better than you could with glasses or contact lenses. You'll also have sharper and clearer vision, and many patients say that they have improved contrast and depth perception thanks to LASIK.


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What Activities Does LASIK Improve?

By improving your vision with LASIK, you may find many activities and hobbies are easier. After all, LASIK has a 96% patient satisfaction rate, and most people achieve visual freedom when they undergo the procedure. Here are just some of the things that LASIK will make better:

1. Watching Your Favorite Movies and TV

Many people like to unwind with television and movies. Whether you enjoy artsy, indie films or reality television, you'll be able to see the screen better once LASIK improves your eyesight.

You also won't have to worry about having your contacts or glasses nearby. Instead, you can watch what you love with crisp, sharp vision and no longer wonder if you need glasses or contacts to see.

2. Traveling Somewhere New

Traveling is often enriching and exciting. Whether you want to travel the world or visit a different city, having better vision will help you enjoy the sights even more.

You also won't have to worry if you've left your glasses or contact solution behind. Why rely on visual aids when you can see beautiful new places in sharp, definitive clarity?

4. Cooking

Do you love to cook and try out new recipes? Cooking is great for your body and mind and a splendid way to unite people.

However, reading recipes, chopping vegetables, and more can be challenging if you need help to see clearly or always push your glasses up your face to see better. Getting LASIK will help you see better and give you visual freedom, making your time in the kitchen a breeze.

5. Hiking and the Outdoors

When you spend time outside, you'll likely see many beautiful things, from grand vistas to tiny, blooming flowers. However, with refractive errors, you may not see as clearly as you could, meaning your vision isn't as clear as it could be.

But after LASIK, you'll love how bright and sharp everything looks. Take in the smallest details and relish that you can see them without relying on visual aids.

Whether looking at a beautiful lake or a sunset, LASIK will help you appreciate the outdoors more.

6. Reading

Many people enjoy reading, whether it's articles on their phones or novels. But, when you need visual aids to see, you may feel hindered by glasses or contact lenses.

If you want crisp, clear vision while reading at all times, LASIK will help you enjoy this and other hobbies more. Read what you want, when you want, whether it's a fairytale to your kids before bed or a quick article on a sunny day. No matter what, you'll have fantastic vision!

7. Photography and Artistic Hobbies

If you're an artist, clear vision is a great benefit. You'll suddenly see the world differently when you have better eyesight after LASIK.

Taking pictures, painting, woodworking, and cross-stitching can all benefit from correcting your vision with LASIK. You'll enjoy what you're doing more when you can see the details from start to finish!

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8. Swimming Or Snorkeling

Spending time in the water is a great way to exercise or relax. Whether you like to spend your summers at the pool or live near the ocean, you can enjoy the water without feeling like you need a backup plan.

Using glasses in the water is challenging and may require finding a place to keep them while swimming or snorkeling. Contact lenses shouldn't be in the water either, as they can cause problems with vision, especially underwater.

But after LASIK, you'll no longer need to depend on visual aids. Instead, you can see what you need in the water, allowing you to swim, snorkel, surf, and more easily.

9. Skydiving  and Extreme Sports

If you're into extreme sports or like to go skydiving, you know that visual aids can get in the way. With LASIK, you can look forward to exceptional visual clarity.

When you're sailing through the air, the last thing you want to deal with are glasses that could fly off your face or contacts that could get too dry. You want to enjoy the moment, not worry about your visual aids. LASIK will give you the visual freedom you crave so you can take in the moment and the rush of being alive.

Are you ready to love your life and your vision more? Take the first step by requesting a LASIK consultation at Whitten Laser Eye in Maryland in Charlotte Hall and Chevy Chase and in Virginia in Richmond today! Why wait to experience the vision you've always wanted?