Symfony IOL for Patients with Cataracts and Presbyopia

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Symfony IOL for Patients with Cataracts and Presbyopia

Symfony IOL for Patients with Cataracts and Presbyopia

Symfony IOL for Cataracts and Presbyopia Near Vision LossThe Symfony IOL is an implant which can be used for patients with cataracts and presbyopia – allowing you to see distance and near vision without glasses!

This revolutionary IOL is FDA approved for patients over 40 who have cataracts and near vision loss from presbyopia. The FDA approval includes a version of the intraocular implant for those who also have astigmatism.

The Symfony Toric intraocular lens is the same as the Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL except that the toric version corrects for astigmatism.

Advantages of Symfony IOL

The Symfony IOL offers a significant improvement in what we can offer our patients with cataracts and near vision loss due to presbyopia: This intraocular lens is unique in the following ways:

  • Symfony is the the first and only “presbyopia correcting” IOL that provides extended depth of focus
  • Provides extended range of continuous vision
  • Provides better image contrast
  • Lower levels of visual disturbances

We have been using the Symfony IOL since it’s FDA approval over one year ago and are amazed at the visual results. The clarity and improved vision it provides our patients, at all distances (continuous vision), is remarkable and represents a significant improvement in cataract surgery.

Symfony for Presbyopia

This is the first IOL FDA approved for the correction of presbyopia. Presbyopia is normal age related near vision loss – as we get older, we are unable to focus at near objects.

Before the Symfony IOL, patients were required to have reading glasses after successful cataract surgery. Our patients who choose the Symfony can anticipate clear vision at both distance and near. Continuous vision improvement means that our patients enjoy the same clear, crisp vision at all points in between distance and near.

Previous multi-focal lenses may have helped with presbyopic symptoms, but the clarity of vision, visual disturbance (e.g. halos) and dimmer vision were common issues. In addition, multi-focal lenses do not offer the same extended range of continuous vision compared to the Symfony IOL or the toric version.

It’s revolutionary.

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