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Reading Vision Surgery


Can you read this without reading glasses??  Well, you could!  Read on…

Dr. Mark Whitten has performed more procedures for Reading Vision Correction than any surgeon in the US!  Click the links below to see his recent interview on NBC News 4 DC with Barbara Harrison, and hear from patient Dr. Jennifer Sokolosky.


Whitten Laser Eye, located in Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA and Charlotte Hall, MD, offers several surgical options that may reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. You are able to see up close again. Read text messages, a computer screen, or the time on your watch, without reading glasses. Many patients are able to again read as well as when they were young, but without losing distance vision. We call this ReNewed Reading Vision.

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As we age, blurry near vision is one of the first things we may notice. In a normal eye, the natural lens of the eye focuses light onto the retina. This lens is able to flex and accommodate for near vision, however, as we age, this lens loses its elasticity and becomes less flexible. If this occurs, then the eye is no longer able to focus quickly between the foreground and the background, or near and close objects.

Reading glasses become a constant companion to many people. You might need to hold the newspaper far away to focus on the words, or have trouble reading text messages on your phone. This blurry vision, or near vision loss, is called presbyopia (prez-bee-OH-peeah), and it eventually happens to everyone. Most people adapt by using reading glasses or getting bifocals, if they wear glasses every day.

Whitten Laser Eye offers 2 procedures for ReNewed Reading Vision, including:

Click above for an explanation of each type of procedure.After a FREE Reading Vision Consultation, Dr. Whitten will explain the best procedure for your individual vision needs.

Blended Laser Vision Correction

By using LASIK laser vision correction techniques, qualified patients can receive a laser vision correction procedure that blends their overall vision to achieve near and distance vision at the same time. With this blended process, Dr. Whitten is able to get the eyes to naturally accommodate for both near and far vision. The procedure is performed in-office and generally takes less than 15 minutes.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) provides dual benefits for the aging eye. During the surgery, the eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens, similar to cataract surgery. But in this procedure, the cataract has not yet developed. This advanced artificial lens corrects any existing nearsightedness, farsightedness and poor reading vision. And, as an added benefit, also eliminates the patient’s inevitable future development of cataracts.

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