What to Expect

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LASIK Laser Vision Correction

LASIKImagine living your daily life and enjoying your favorite activities without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Whitten Laser Eye will be with you every step of your LASIK experience. You can expect personalized attention, a world-class surgeon and great vision results. It’s normal to feel both excited and nervous as you prepare for your procedure. Ask questions. Read about the procedure. Talk to former patients. Your eyes are in good hands with Dr. Whitten.

Before Your Procedure

Before your LASIK procedure, you will have a thorough consultation and vision evaluation. You can trust the Whitten Laser Eye staff to answer all of your questions. During the consultation, we will review your vision history and perform several diagnostic tests to measure your prescription, corneal thickness, pupil size. A ‘map’ is created of your specific vision imperfections. All of this information is used by Dr. Whitten to program to laser and perfectly tailor your laser eye surgery for the optimal results.

Your Procedure Day

Before your LASIK surgery, final measurements will be taken of your eyes. The procedure itself will last less than 30 minutes.

Right before your procedure, your eyelids and lashes will be cleaned. A mild sedative may be given, if you choose. However, most patients experience little to no discomfort. Anesthetic drops are applied to the eye, to completely numb the eye for comfort, and a lid holder is used to keep your eyelids open. Dr. Whitten will created a small flap in the outer protective tissue of the cornea and gently fold it back. This protective flap helps to minimize discomfort following the LASIK procedure.

Dr. Whitten uses all of the information from your extensive testing to plan your laser treatment. He will program the computer controlled excimer laser to direct cool pulses of light to the inner layers of your cornea. Your inner corneal layer will be reshaped to match your contact lens or eye glasses prescription.

Finally, Dr. Whitten gently returns the flap to its original position and healing begins immediately. If both eyes are to be treated, the majority of patients will have them done at the same time. Patients are amazed at how well they see as soon as the procedure is completed.

Post-Procedure Care

Your vision will show immediate improvement after laser eye surgery, and it will continue to improve over the next few weeks as your eyes heal. Though you will be able to see immediately, you should plan to have someone drive you home for safety reasons. Your eyes may feel irritated and may tear or water for a few hours. Most patients are quite comfortable after taking a short nap while wearing protective eye shields to prevent from rubbing your eyes. Drops are prescribed to prevent infection and assist with any dryness. You will receive very specific instructions for your post-procedure care, but patients generally return to their daily routine the day after surgery with no complications…and no glasses or contacts!

You will have several follow-up visits with Dr. Whitten, or your local eye doctor, over the next weeks or months after your procedure. These are short appointments to make sure your eyes continue their total healing. And, of course, don’t forget your annual eye health exam with your local eye doctor.


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