Cataract Surgery

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Advanced Cataract Surgery

The single most important decision you can make regarding cataract surgery is your choice of surgeon. With over 30 years performing world-class eye surgery, Dr. Whitten offers you the kind of experience that you can trust. The detailed information on this website will educate you about your cataract surgery experience, but there is no substitute for personal interaction and questions. Dr. Mark Whitten and the staff of Whitten Laser Eye are here to deliver you safe and personalized care, with great visual results. Scheduling an appointment is easy, and is the first step toward a restored sense of safety, independence and crisp, clear vision.


Modern cataract surgery is not only one of the most frequent types of medical procedures performed in the United States today, but also one of the safest and most effective.

Over 3 million cataract surgery procedures are performed each year in the United States by implanting tiny, permanent artificial Intraocular Lenses, or IOLs, to achieve vision correction after surgery. The short recovery time after cataract surgery allows the vast majority of patients to resume their everyday activities within a day or so after their cataract procedure.

Cataract surgery can restore vision loss due to cataracts.
Cataract surgery is a relatively “patient friendly” type of surgery. The technology of cataract surgery is truly amazing. Modern cataract surgery is usually performed using a microsurgical technique called “phacoemulsification” whereby the cataract is gently ”chopped up” and “suctioned” to remove it.

There are many technological advances in phacoemulsification that have enabled skilled cataract surgeons like Dr. Whitten to perform cataract surgery and provide intraocular lens through very tiny incisions requiring only eye drops, rather than needles or injections for anesthesia and without the need for stitches or a patch after the surgery. This allows patients to have a very quick visual recovery.

Cataract Surgery

After Dr. Whitten removes the cataract, the cloudy lens of the eye, an IOL or intraocular lens implant is placed in the eye. This lens is a permanent fixture that helps your eye to focus.


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