Your Pre-Operative Raindrop Consultation | What to Expect

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Your Pre-Operative Raindrop Consultation | What to Expect

Raindrop Near Vision Inlay | Treatment for Presbyopia | Mark Whitten MDYour Raindrop surgery, to treat near vision loss or presbyopia, is divided into 4 steps.  This evaluation may take place at any of my offices in Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA or Charlotte Hall, MD.

1. Initial Consultation
2. Pre-Operative Evaluation
3. The Surgery
4. Post-Operative Care

Before Your First Visit 

If you wear soft contact lenses, if possible, do NOT wear your contacts 3-5 days prior to your initial consultation with us.  If you schedule surgery, we request you do not wear your contacts for 1 week prior to the actual surgery. 

You must be out of your RGP/hard contact lenses 3 days prior to your consultation. For surgery, contacts should not be worn 1 month for every 10 years of wear.  Call us if you have questions.

Initial Consultation – Are You a Raindrop Candidate?

This is your first visit with us.  During this visit, we will take a complete medical history including information about your overall eye health.  We will also perform various tests followed by an eye exam and discuss your options, based upon your visual needs and expectations.  In addition, we will assess the following:

  • Corneal topography will map the front and back of your cornea looking for abnormalities which may alter our calculations.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography will look for eye diseases in the back of the eye that will prevent a favorable outcome. For past LASIK patients, the OCT will also check the thickness of the previously made flap.
  • Corneal thickness (pachymetry) will be measured to ensure your cornea is not too thin.
  • Check and confirm your best corrected prescription.

Most importantly, we will answer your questions and determine if the Raindrop corneal inlay is the right procedure for you.

During this visit, we will place a contact lens in your non-dominant eye to simulate the effects of Raindrop.  The contact lens will allow you to read with one eye while your distance vision remains clear in both eyes.

Pre-Operative Visit with Dr. WhittenDr. Mark Whitten MD | Lasik laser vision correction raindrop near vision inlay

During the pre-operative visit, I will meet with you to:

  1. Ensure you are a Raindrop candidate
  2. Confirm you have presbyopia
  3. Answer your questions
  4. Personally review all medical findings and discuss all the risks and benefits of the Raindrop procedure.

The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is FDA approved for the treatment of near vision loss due to presbyopia in patients over 40 years old.  There are other criteria that we will discuss during your visits.

It is important to confirm that your problems are a result of presbyopia and not another eye disease.  I will also want to make sure your corneas are healthy and that you do not have significant dry eye.

If you do have significant dry eye, we have the newest technology which may alleviate this condition and help you to become a better Raindrop candidate in the future.

Raindrop Surgery Day

We are fortunate to offer the best in vision correction technology in all 3 of our refractive centers.  All vision correction surgeries are performed at the same location as your initial consultation and pre-operative evaluation, unless you request otherwise, including:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Charlotte Hall, MD.
  • Richmond, VA.

Remember to bring a friend or family member with you on the day of surgery to drive you home.  You will be awake, and very comfortable.  Your companion will be able to watch your surgery, with your permission.  The procedure itself will take less than 15 minutes.

It is not uncommon for you to notice improved vision almost immediately after surgery.

You will not need a patch as is customary after many other eye surgeries, but you will start using a topical anti-inflammatory eye drop as well as an antibiotic eye drop right after surgery.

Post-Operative Visit

I will personally see you the day after your surgery.  I want to check to make sure your flap is well positioned and that you are clear on the use of your eye drops.  

I will follow you closely for the rest of your Post-Operative period.   In some cases, you may return to the care of  your primary eye doctor if requested at this time.

To schedule your vision correction consultation, you may EMAIL US or CALL US.  My vision correction team of Whitten Laser Eye and I look forward to meeting you. 

Mark Whitten, M.D.
Vision Correction Surgeon
Washington, D.C.
Charlotte Hall, MD
Richmond, VA


Your Pre-Operative Raindrop Consultation | What to Expect


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