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Dr. Whitten has performed over 150,000 LASIK procedures, and has a national reputation for excellence. Patients travel from all across the United States to experience The Whitten Difference! Many people at the peak of their careers who depend on excellent eyesight chose us. Here are a few that you may recognize:

 Fred Funk, Professional GolferWhen Funk’s vision impaired his golf game, he came to Dr. Whitten for a solution. Four days after his LASIK procedure, Fred Funk set a 36-hole tournament record at the Kemper Open with the help of his 20/20 vision.

– Fred Funk, Professional Golfer

Brad Johnson, NFL QuarterbackAfter his last season with the Washington Redskins, Johnson decided to step his game up by improving his blurry vision. He considered many options, but finally opted to undergo LASIK surgery with Dr. Whitten.

– Brad Johnson, NFL Quarterback

Dottie Pepper, Professional GolferDottie began considering LASIK after hearing the success stories of her playing partners. She came to Dr. Whitten hoping for the same great results. Her new 20/20 vision won’t improve her golf swing, but she won’t miss a thing as she watches her golf ball sail across the green.

– Dottie Pepper, Professional Golfer

Tiger Woods, Professional GolferAs a professional golfer, Tiger depended heavily on his eyesight to move him through his unbelievable career. He came to Dr. Whitten hoping for better than 20/20 vision. Years later, Tiger is still satisfied with his results.

– Tiger Woods, Professional Golfer

Bill Cowher“I was tired of having several pairs of sunglasses at home and on the football field. This was a huge nuisance to me. I kept hearing success stories of some of my players who went to Dr. Whitten, they were thrilled by their results. So, I scheduled my LASIK procedure. I was amazed that one day after my surgery I was 20/15 in both eyes.”

– Bill Cowher, Studio Analyst & Former Steelers Head Coach

Celebrity Patients | Whitten Laser Eye | Chevy Chase Richmond Charlotte Hall

PGA Tour Golfers

  • Allen, Michael
  • Austin, Woody
  • Baddely, Aaron
  • Beem, Rich
  • Begay, Notah
  • Browne, Olin
  • Byrd, Jonathon
  • Cheesman, Barry
  • Clampett, Bobby
  • Clark, Michael
  • Cochran, Bobby
  • Cook, John
  • English, Harris
  • Funk, Fred
  • Gay, Brian
  • Henry, J.J.
  • Hoch, Scott
  • Holmes, J.B.
  • Johnson, Zach
  • Kelly, Jerry
  • Kribel, Joel
  • Langer, Bernhard
  • Marino, Steve
  • McCumber, Mark
  • Nobilo, Frank
  • Nolan, Keith
  • O’Hair, Sean
  • Parnevik, Jesper
  • Pernice, Tom
  • Pride, Dicky
  • Singh, Vijay
  • Urlich Johannson, Per
  • Wadkins, Bobby
  • Weir, Mike
  • Wood, Willie

LPGA Tour Golfers

  • Ash, Nadine
  • Atsedes, Lori
  • Bell, Michelle
  • Bouse, Tami
  • Bowie, Heather
  • Bunch, Ashley
  • Caponi, Donna
  • Chuasiriporn, Jenny
  • D’Allessio, Diana
  • Dee, Sally
  • Early, Liz
  • Feldott, Jennifer
  • Fukoshima, Akiko
  • Gibson, Ellie
  • Goetze-Ackerman, Vickie
  • Golden, Kate
  • Gowan, Carolyn
  • Hurst, Pat
  • Iverson, Becky
  • Jeray, Nicole
  • Johnston-Forbes, Cathy
  • Jordan, Patty
  • Lim, Siew-Ai
  • Macosko, Anna
  • Noble, Karen
  • Peterson. Katie
  • Philo, Laura
  • Read, Amy
  • Riley, Rhonda
  • Rittenhouse, Lenore
  • Sinn, Pearl
  • Stupples, Karen
  • Sugg, LaRee
  • Walton, Robin
  • Wendels, Michelle
  • Whitehead, Barb
  • Wicoff, Erica
  • Wilkins, Donna
  • Will, Maggie

Senior PGA Tour Golfers

  • Alvarez, John
  • Johnson, Doug

NBA Players

  • Ewing, Patrick (New York Nicks)
  • Grant, Harvey (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • Booth, Keith (Chicago Bulls)
  • Snow, Eric (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • Grevey, Kevin (Washington Bullets)


  • Staley, Dawn (Charlotte Sting, 1998 US Olympic Team)

NFL Players and Coaches

  • Asher, Jamie (Redskins)
  • Brown, Doug (Redskins)
  • Charleton, Ike (Seahawks)
  • Dahl, Bob (Redskins)
  • Fischer, Pat (Redskins)
  • Fisher, Mark (Redskins)
  • Frerotte, Gus (Redskins)
  • Gelbaugh, Stan (Seahawks)
  • Greer, Donovan (Redskins)
  • Johnson, Ron (Ravens)
  • Jones, Edgar (Ravens)
  • Klemm, Adrian (Patriots)
  • Lyons, Mitch (Steelers)
  • Ohalete, Ifeanyi (Redskins)
  • Shea, Aaron (Browns)
  • Skaggs, Justin (Redskins)
  • Thompson, Derrius (Redskins)
  • Tucker, Ross (Redskins)


  • Bocock, Brian (San Francisco Giants)
  • Guzman, Cristian (Washington Nationals)
  • Toregas, Wyatt (Cleveland Indians)


  • Lendl, Ivan


  • Wilson, Ron (Former Head Coach,Washington Capitals)


  • Etcheverry, Marco (DC United)

Indy Car Driver

  • Salazar, Eliseo

Olympic Athletes

  • Adkins, Derek (1996 Gold-Hurdles)
  • Dolan, Tom (1996 Gold – Swimmer)
  • Osborn, Brian (2000 Olympic Team)
  • Dorothy Hamil (Figure Skating)

Radio/TV Personalities

  • Michael Wilbon: ESPN –”Pardon the Interruption”
  • Eric Bickel (E.B.): WJFK Radio –”Junkies”
  • J.P. Flaime: WJFK Radio –”Junkies”
  • Don Geronimo: WJFK Radio –”The Don and Mike Show”
  • Lynda Carter –”Wonder Woman”
  • Phil Hawes – WTEM –”Better Golf”


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