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Jessica's LASIK Experience Jessica
Jessica’s LASIK Experience"I couldn't be happier with my choice to get my LASIK completed by Dr. Whitten! It has absolutely changed my life. The staff members are so friendly and helpful. The procedure itself was essentially painless and quick!" Jessica
Tiger Woods' LASIK Experience
Tiger Woods’ LASIK Experience "I was apprehensive, just like anyone else would be when their vision is going to be altered. But I was prepared, because I researched everything, and I had a lot of faith in Dr. Whitten." Before LASIK in 1999, without contacts: "Tiger was severely nearsighted and could see no more than about one foot in front of his face," according to Dr. Mark Whitten. The eye of the Tiger went from 20-400 (legally blind) to 20-15. Tiger went on to win the first five tour events he played in after the surgery.
T-Bone & Heather - STAR 98.3
Our LASIK Experience
T-Bone & Heather - STAR 98.3 Radio Morning Show DJs
Our LASIK Experience
"We chose Dr. Whitten because of his experience and reputation. We trusted him. Right here in Southern Maryland, we have one of the country’s leaders in laser vision correction. After LASIK, our vision is better than ever!”
Robin's Cataract Surgery Experience
Robin’s Cataract Surgery Experience I knew my eyes were bad but I had no clue how much of the world I was missing until this [cataract] surgery was completed. I can honestly say it was the best experience from A to Z. Dr. Whitten’s office staff was professional, courteous and very efficient. St. Mary’s Hospital was amazing.
Rourke's PRK Experience
Rourke's PRK Experience I had a PRK procedure performed by Dr. Whitten. I've had severe astigmatism my whole life and couldn't see anything without corrective lenses. After the procedure, I can see perfectly without glasses or contacts. Dr. Whitten and his staff were extremely professional and friendly through every step of the process--from initial consultation through the procedure and follow up. Dr. Whitten took the time to speak with me and answer every question I had along the way. My only regret is that I didn't call Dr. Whitten sooner!
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Whitten Laser Eye and TGR Foundation Celebrate!

Join us in Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Tiger Woods’ LASIK Procedure With Dr. Mark Whitten! It’s hard to believe, but this September marks the 20th anniversary of Tiger Woods’ LASIK procedure with Dr. Mark Whitten of Whitten Laser Eye. Tiger’s trust in Dr....

The Whitten Difference

Dr. Mark Whitten and Dr. Shilpa Rose offer a unique model which features two medical doctors, working cooperatively, to provide a higher level of vision care.  

Using the latest advanced technologies, alone or in combination, we will personalize an approach for you and your unique vision goals.

Whitten Laser Eye offers Comprehensive Vision Care, including Cataract Evaluations, Contact Lens Exams and Dry Eye Treatments. 

And, imagine having the best vision of your life! With LASIK and Reading Vision surgical procedures, you can see clearly into the distance, read a book, send a text or look at a computer screen…all without glasses or contacts. 

You’ll SEE The Difference

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Whitten Laser Eye offers the latest advancements in cataract surgery. After surgery, many patients even report having the best vision of their lives. And new premium lens options such as Symfony can help to reduce your dependence on reading glasses as well! Modern cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective medical procedures today. During your cataract consultation, Dr. Whitten will discuss your visual outcome goals and determine the best treatment for your individual needs.

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LASIK Laser Vision Correction is better than ever! Dr. Whitten is among the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the country and uses the latest in advanced technology. Imagine clear vision, without contacts and glasses. The only question you will have after LASIK is “Why did I ever wait so long?” And if you have ever been told you are not a good candidate for LASIK, maybe it’s time for a second opinion. With technology advancements, more patients are now able to benefit from the procedure. So schedule your FREE LASIK Consultation today.


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Are you tired of wearing reading glasses? At Whitten Laser Eye there are several surgical options to help you see up close again, without those glasses! Many patients are able to read as well as when they were young but without losing distance vision. Ask us about Blended Vision Correction or Refractive Lens Exchange.



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Are you considering LASIK Laser Vision and wonder if it is right for you? Take our self test now!

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Have you been told you have cataracts? Would you like to see clearly after cataract surgery? Take our cataract self test now!

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Tired of your reading glasses?

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Whitten Laser Eye is pleased to offer special financing for vision correction procedures, such as LASIK Laser Vision Correction.


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Now LASIK Can Correct Reading Vision Too!

Check out and listen to our very own Dr. Whitten interview with Rick Fowler of Saturday Morning Update on WMAL Radio.  Jan 19, 2019. Click Here To Listen!   As people begin to turn 40, many of us begin to need reading glasses… even if we have never needed...