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Cataract Surgery: Seeing Better Than Ever!

What if you could see as well as you did as a child? Maybe even better? Today’s technology can actually help you become less dependent or even eliminate the need to wear eyeglasses, bifocals or reading glasses after cataract surgery!

The latest in cataract surgery lens implant options, the multifocal IOL (Intraocular Lens), draws upon decades of expertise and technology to help cataract patients see it all—near, far, and everything in between. Many cataract surgery patients these days are saying that, following the procedure, their vision is better than ever before!

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and will affect nearly every one of us by the time we are 70. Described as a natural clouding of the eye lens, cataracts result in blurry or dim vision and colors gradually will appear faded. Reading and night vision are common complaints associated with the onset of cataracts as well as eye discomfort when in situations with bright light. Cataracts surgery is the most common surgical procedure in the World, and advancements in technology are only making visual out comes better.

Visual problems that may be associated with cataracts include:

  • Being sensitive to glare
  • Double vision
  • Cloudy, fuzzy, foggy, or filmy vision
  • Loss of color intensity
  • Difficulty seeing at night or in dim light
  • Seeing halo around lights
  • Problems seeing shapes against a background of the difference between shades of colors
  • Frequent changing of glasses prescriptions, or seeing better without glasses

See Better than Ever After Cataract Surgery!

Did you know that you can be glasses free after cataract surgery? Thanks right…no glasses for distance OR reading! This may be possible for you! Premium lens technology has allowed Dr, Whitten and other ophthalmologists around the World to provide clear vision after cataract surgery! There are many options available, and at Whitten Laser Eye, Dr. Whitten will help you determine the best lens for your individual needs.

The first step to clear vision is to schedule your cataract consultation with Dr. Whitten to learn more about your options and the technology we use. The Whitten team takes great pride in offering the latest technology to our patients in South Maryland and Richmond Virginia regions.


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