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Good Sunglasses Can Prevent Eye Damage

By Marc Malouf, MD While a painful, red sunburn immediately tells you that you’ve had too much sun exposure, sun damage to your eyes is usually silent until long after the harm is done. Fortunately, your strongest defense is easy: a well-made pair of sunglasses. The sun is the main source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation,… Read More

What is “Board Certified”?

Ever wonder what “board certified” meant and why it’s so important to see a board certified ophthalmologist? You’ll know after reading this…

Whitten Laser Eye – Clear Vision Spotlight

Real Patients – Real Stories About Vision Correction A patient’s journey through having LASIK Laser Vision and the Latest advancement in eye care technology, the KAMRA Inlay. I have actually had my eyes “done” twice. Back in November 2001 (age 45) I had Dr. Whitten do the LASIK procedure on both eyes. Finally, after years… Read More

Going Back to School? Here are 5 Reasons Why LASIK Will Help You Stay on Your “A” Game

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? If you are going back to school or are already back, you probably know all the hassles that glasses and contacts can bring. If you have considered LASIK now is a great time to get the clear vision to enhance your time in and out of class! Long… Read More

LASIK Myths and Misconceptions

If you wear glasses or contact lenses you have probably considered LASIK laser vision correction at some point. Perhaps you did some research about the procedure. Many clear vision seekers let common myths and misconceptions about vision correction scare them away from a lifetime of great vision. While the internet has much good information, it… Read More

Lexington Park Leader: Getting Older? Notice Changes in Your Eyesight?

Dr. Mark Whitten of Whitten Laser Eye asks: Have you noticed some changes in your vision? Are you over 45 and find it more difficult to see up close? Have you had to readjust the font size on your mobile device? How many pairs of over-the-counter reading glasses do you have stashed around your house,… Read More

The Lexington Park Leader: More Than Man’s Best Friend

A new study shows that dogs can understand our intent to communicate with them and are about as receptive to human communication as pre-verbal infants. In the study “researchers used eye-tracking technology to study how dogs observed a person looking at pots after giving the dogs communicative cues, such as eye contact and directed speech…. Read More

Deduct LASIK at Tax Time!

Did You Know that LASIK is Tax Deductible? Many medical services including LASIK laser vision correction can be deducted from your taxes. Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Service will allow you to deduct travel expenses to and from your LASIK provider’s office! As always, there are limitations and your accountant can help you navigate through your… Read More

I Have Never Needed Glasses…Why Now?

Are you over the age of 45, and now find it harder and harder to see up close without adjusting the paper? Have you had to change the font size on your mobile device? How many pairs of over the counter reading glasses do you have stashed in various places around your house, office or… Read More

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

The month of February is Low Vision Awareness Month. What exactly is low vision? Low vision describes significant visual impairment that isn’t correctable through glasses, medication, eye surgery or contact lenses. It’s often characterized by partial sight such as blind spots, tunnel vision or blurred vision. The most common causes of low vision in the… Read More


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