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Refractive Eye Surgery | A Brief History

“Refractive” surgery has been around for decades. Here’s a brief history leading up to the most popular refractive surgery of all time…

Happy Birthday LASIK | Laser Vision Correction 30 Years Ago

Laser vision correction turns 30! 30 years ago the first laser was performed on Mrs. Cassady. Here’s how this unusual event lead to FDA approval of the excimer laser and gave birth to LASIK.

Macular Degeneration | Signs and Symptoms

Macular degeneration is a leading cause of new blindness in the United States. There are only two types of macular degeneration and their symptoms are listed here.

KAMRA Corneal Inlay | Treatment for Presbyopia

Have presbyopia (age related vision loss)? The KAMRA corneal inlay is FDA approved to reduce or remove the need for reading glasses to restore near vision loss from presbyopia. Here’s how it works and why you may be a great candidate.


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