WUSA Broadcast Whitten Introduces Raindrop to Washington DC

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As he introduced LASIK, the procedure which revolutionized distance vision, to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Dr. Mark Whitten and Dr. Shilpa Rose are doing the same with the Raindrop near vision inlay.  “Raindrop” is FDA approved for the treatment of near vision loss, or presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a naturally occurring event and the first effects are noted usually between the ages of 40-45.  Difficulty with near vision are common complaints;  reading menu, computer screens, books and smart phones get more difficult with each passing year.

Fix Reading Vision and Keep Distance Vision

The procedure is as unique and revolutionary as LASIK.   As LASIK revolutionized the correction of distance vision, Dr. Whitten feels that Raindrop will have the same impact on near vision.

This is a “completely new concept and completely new idea…that we can fix reading vision at the same time you keep your distance vision.”

Near Vision Loss – Presbyopia

Both of our patients highlighted in the broadcast were having significant symptoms of presbyopia.

Joann Mirgan-Erb recently had the Raindrop corneal inlay inserted in her non-dominant eye.  Tired of her reading glasses, she considered the near vision loss treatment and consulted with Dr. Shilpa Rose.  As you can hear, Dr. Rose explains the changes in the eye which cause the near vision loss.

Watch Joann’s surgery in the broadcast.  Most impressive is her renewed ability to read without glasses…immediately after her surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Sokolosky, the Washington, D.C area’s first Raindrop patient, has a busy family dental practice in Clarksville Maryland.  Now several months later, Andrea Roane reports that Dr. Sokolosky has “perfect” near and distance vision and she no longer needs glasses at all.

Considering Vision Correction?

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