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What’s Your Refractive Error? | Correcting Refractive Errors

Refractive errors are very common. Want to know what causes your blurry vision and how to correct your vision? What’s your refractive error?

LASIK Improves Your Golf Game | Laser Vision Correction for Golf

Golfers have special visual needs. For many of my golfing patients, professional or recreational, LASIK actually gives them an advantage. Here’s why.

Larry O’Connor WMAL Radio Has LASIK and Raindrop

Larry O’Connor, radio show host at WMAL, just improved his vision! He can now see at distance and READ without the need for any glasses or contact lenses.

Patient with LASIK and Raindrop to Same Eye

Here a patient who had LASIK done to both eyes to correct distance vision. The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay was also implanted in the non-dominant eye at the same time.

LASIK Surgery to Both Eyes | LASIK Video

Here’s one of my latest videos demonstrating LASIK to both eyes of a nearsighted patient. Surgery was performed as an outpatient and he drove the next day without glasses.

The Lexington Park Leader: Stop Throwing Money Away, Use Your FSA

It is the new year, and Dr. Whitten wants to know “What’s your Flex plan for 2016?” Dr. Whitten has written up an article about the benefits of using your Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) on a LASIK procedure in 2016 featured in The Lexington Park Leader. You can read the full article right here on… Read More